Ultimately I fixed the problem by making a separate Install image in WDS where I hand picked the specific Realtek drivers I wanted and didn put anything else into it. I used that install image for the specific computers that needed it rather than the main install image where I had just dumped all the drivers I could into it.Once you PXE boot the laptop and you loaded the WDS boot image, and then it comes up with the “no network driver found” or whatever error, you can hit Shift+F10 and it will open a command prompt box.From there you have a certain amount of control to debug the environment WHILE you are inside the WinPE environment.You can run “ipconfig” to see if the NIC is actually detected and getting an IP or not. I had an issue once where the NIC drivers were fine, it was failing because it took too long to get an IP address from DHCP, which was ultimately caused by the port on the network switch using spanning tree which introduced a 20 30 second delay before network connectivity was available.You can stick a USB key in, and use “DiskPart” to list the volumes, assign a drive letter etc.

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